Script to notify user of newly created entity with direct link or redirect

If a user creates an automation button what creates a new entity, this results in a confirmation, but the result is not visible or clickable. I would like to try these solutions:

(1) create a script that notifies the user of the created entity, and shows a direct link to the created entity.

(2) create a script that redirects the user to the newly created entity display.

(3) create a script that opens the newly created entity display in a new panel.

Can anyone help me out with his? Thanks

Fibery Automations and scripts unfortunately have no ability to control the UI - the most they can do is display a “result message” (and Button scripts can also send info to the browser’s debug console). Automations can also create Notifications, but that is not quite the same.

I doubt a script could create a clickable link in a Button result message, since these messages do not support any HTML or formatting.


We currently use automation buttons to convert one item into another, clean the old one and provide some extra information when needed.

For example

  • We have a ‘braindump’ item > it only has a title + description
  • We have a button to convert that into a task and provide data such as deadline, planning, project, etc.

We would also be very happy if user has the option to open the entity that has just been created :smile:

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