No "hierarchical" option in List views for second-level DB?

I don’t understand why the List view’s “Hierarchical” option for a tree-structured DB is only available if the DB appears at the top level of the List view:

Here the hierarchical option is not available for the same DB when it appears at the second level:

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Can’t say that it answers the ‘Why?’ though :person_shrugging:

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In my case (probably the most popular case by far), I am modeling a strict tree structure with the one->many self-relation.

This case at least should not be problematic to support, unless adding a third List View level that might refer back to an already-displayed parent.

I offered a possible way of achieving this here:

There was also a discussion further down the same thread on impacts on both 1-many and many-many relations.

I do hope there is a solution to this at some point as it allows for many interesting possibilities.

This is resolved in latest release

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