Recursively Nested Entities in List View: How to select specific Parent to Children relationship field?

I’m testing out a complex hierarchy of internal and external products, product instances, dependencies, etc, for our technology and business policy stack.

We have a Fibery Database, call it “Thing”. “Thing” has a 1 Parent Thing and many Child Things. I’m discovering that Thing needs to have ANOTHER one-to-many field: A Thing has 1 Type Thing and many instances of Things (of itself as a type).

In List view, we can display top-level Databases as nested using the recursive nest display feature. However, if my Database has more than one “one-to-many” relationships with itself, there doesn’t appear to be a way to select which relation to use in the List view.

Am I wrong? How does Fibery internally select which one-to-many field to prioritize, so maybe I can just trick it into using the one I need displayed most?