Feb 1, 2024 / 🤳 Add self-relations on any levels in Views, Format date and time setting, Custom access templates

:selfie: Add self-relations on any levels in Tables, Lists and Smart Folders

Now you can visualize recursive relationships at any level in List, Table and Smart Folder. For example, if you have Product Areas (nested) and Features (nested), you can see them like this

Product Area 1
 - Product Area 1-1
   - Feature 1
     - Feature 1-1
     - Feature 1-2
 - Feature 2
Product Area 2
- ...

Here is how it looks in a Table View:

NOTE: Don’t miss this self-relation icon in the view settings.

:lock: Custom access templates

Today custom access templates are graduating from the Experimental Lab :mortar_board:. Now Creators, not only Admins, can create, reorder, and disable them. Access templates are included in Space templates.

What are the access templates again? When sharing, for example, a Feature, you could always extend access to its Stories and Bugs. However, extending the default access (e.g. Editor) is often either too much (includes a sensitive relation) or not enough (doesn’t go deep enough or ignores many-to-many):

  • when sharing a Task, share Subtasks but not Time Logs;
  • when sharing a Product, share not only Features and Marketing Campaigns, but also Stories and Tasks one level deeper;
  • when sharing a Story, include Depends On and Blocks many-to-many relations.

Custom access templates make all of these use cases possible. Here is how to make them work:

  1. Create a custom access template for a given Database (e.g. Product Manager for a Product).
  2. Specify how exactly the access should be extended down (or up!) the hierarchy.
  3. Now you can share any specific Product (e.g. HAL-9000 or Skynet) using this template with any person in your workspace.

:mag_right: Navigate to settings from search

Search is a nice universal way to navigate to anywhere — now including settings and pages like Trash and Activity Log.

To keep search results clean, we only suggest system pages using a shortlist of keywords: e.g. ["trash", "restore", "undelete"] for Trash.

:watch: Format date and time (experimental)

In addition to the first day of the week, each person is now free to choose their preferred date and time format in preferences. Instead of Feb 1, 2024 15:09 it can be 2/1/2024 3:09 pm — internationalisation FTW.

The default for time comes from your browser locale, dates are Feb 28, 1992 by default.

We haven’t double-checked that we have covered all the places where date formatting should apply — thus, the functionality is experimental till the next update. If you notice a missing spot, please let us know.

Scroll whiteboard when a user moves element to the edge

When a user moves element to the edge of the view area, whiteboard is automatically scrolled.

2024-02-01 10.38.22

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Comments panel shows entity comments even when comments control is hidden from the entity view.
  • Remember what Databases are excluded from search in export-import via Space template.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • All entities look selected in context selector
  • Invalid date in the field on the form when set date-range values via URL parameter
  • Wrong value is set to percent field when set it via URL parameter
  • Long access template title overlaps action button
  • Guests can’t edit or delete their own inline comments
  • Toolbar appears on text selection, but does not disappear when I remove selection
  • Error when export some Space
  • All changes disappear if duplicate access template with not saved changes

Whoa, self-relations is a biggie and access templates propagating into non-experimental is awesome.

Excited to test this out tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:


Self relations on bottom levels was one of our biggest feature requests, so this is amazing! Thanks so much for finally prioritizing it!


Awesome release :star_struck: Really like the date time format!

In The Netherlands we use dd-mm-yyyy as default date format. Would be awesome if that can be added too :smile:


I’m excited to test the self-relations and search improvements. Keep us the great work y’all!

Great release, thank you! Access templates for Groups, is that planned too?


Very nice update! Will test these features, especially self-relations is useful to me!

a question on self relation: since it uses a relation field to the same database, what happens when we have multiple relation fields? how choose which one to be used to express the indented representation since there is just a toggle icon?


Thank you, for the question! Honestly, we don’t handle this case properly now because we choose the first field, which basically means a random field. It works in the most cases, but, unfortunately, not in yours.

The good news, that the next feature I’m going to take is exactly related to the problem: we will allow adding additional grouping per level, and the UI will finally allow you to select any field you need.


That would be awesome!

I have the following use case:

  • The admin or creator have created access templates
  • But the team lead wants to give access to an entity to team members → they only want to see existing access templates and grant access; they don’t need to change or create the access template.

Is this use case in scope for future releases @mdubakov?

As far as I understand what you are describing, it should already be possible.
Any user can provide access (including via an access template) provided they themselves have at least that level of access.
In other words, don’t expect a user with read-only access to be able to grant edit access.