Lock Views from Editing

Now that I’ve shared a Fibery Space with the company/client it would be nice to lock certain views. Locking should make all modifications either a) impossible or b) personal.
It would be great to restrict editing to certain users

Hi! May be I don’t understand the case completely or what should be possible/restricted but doesn’t editor/contributer roles do exactly that - restrict editing of views, potentially restrict editing entities?

What if you are an editor and want to not be able to edit the view?

From my experience Editor can’t edit or create new views (apart from documents and whiteboards), can only do “My filters” on top of global filter. Can’t change rows, columns, fields etc.
Only starting from “Creator” role you are able to configure the space and the views.
Please, correct me if i’m wrong somewhere.

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This is correct

Thank you for the correction in terminology.

I’m the creator and always in creator mode. It’d be great to lock vies from editing.

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Are you the admin?
If so, perhaps this is something that you would appreciate:

Then you could flip between having configuration capabilities and just having ‘normal’ user capabilities.

Until that is available, you could have two accounts, each with different permissions, and switch between them.

Otherwise, you will need to ask the admin to downgrade you from creator level.


I definitely think this feature request meets the need!
I’d add the details that I wouldn’t ever see switching profiles as a solution for my use case.
I often have one or two apps that are in great condition and never need tweaking, but I’m building apps, databases, and views for my clients. So I bounce between apps and views. I may work in a view that requires no configuration and then 5 minutes later, I need to create a new view and make changes to it.
I’d be better to toggle this on and off per app/database

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