[DONE] Undelete Fields / In Audit Log, keep activity in Deleted fields

This could potentially also be logged under “Ask the Community,” but I’m pretty sure this feature does not exist:

I have noticed that if a relation gets deleted from an Entity, the history around that relation disappears as well. I’d like to request that this information is preserved in the Audit log. We have had a few cases where an entity had its relations removed by accident. To fix this, my hope was to re-create the relation, then look through Entity history and see the relations that had been in this deleted relation, and relink them. But those relations were also deleted along with the relation itself.

I supposed this could also be part of “Fear Management”, and I was going to tag it as such, but I see that tag is not here yet…which brings up that it also might be useful as part of undelete to replace an entire relation and all the related entities that existed “as they were” prior to the relation getting deleted.


We are working on Field/Type/App Undete right now, and I think this request will be solved when field undelete will be release. You will be able to recover deleted relation.


Ok great to hear Michael that you are thinking about undelete of all the relations to individual Entities that are lost when a Relation itself is deleted! We could use that one for sure!

Implemented in the latest release