[✔︎ FIXED] UI logic bug: 'Delete entity' action from relation field in entity card is ponentional danger action, but it's not look like this

Nice update, but: this is very danger action and there is no comfirmation that it delete entity with (and) 365 relations!!!

In 99% cases i want to remove relation, not delete entity! And red as a warning is not enough.

Yesterday I wrote down a draft of this bug report, but didn’t manage to send it yet today, as a colleague really deleted one ‘customer’ from the ‘CRM’ app and did not even notice this - all tasks, stories, features, epics, products, repositories associated with the client were untied :frowning:

Also there is no access level “can edit, but can’t delete” to prevent expected negative effects because of this feature :frowning:

I was disable editor access for all other users for some critical ‘apps’, but for myself, I would also be willing to hide it, because some entities, such as ‘customers’ in app ‘crm’ are relatively “eternal”, it makes no sense to allow them to be deleted so easily, and they are also “root” and contain a lot of connections. Before deleting such an entity, there should be a warning: “Do you want to delete an entity with 365 connections, do you definitely want to do this?”

One of the temporary solutions is to disable this feature until it is noticeably improved

This will not frighten the old-timers, they will probably restore everything from backup if they catch on time (we caught on at the wrong time and made many changes after the indent, so it was easier to restore relations than roll back)

But for beginners, this situation will probably scare them away from Fibery :slight_smile:

@alex.mart So far we decided to hide Delete action from inner lists, since it is indeed may be damaging as in your case :frowning:

Later we are going to add Undelete functionality to recover from such cases.

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Linked feature request:

This action is hidden @alex.mart