Global Filters permission

we are running into an issue with Views that have global filters that include the “Assignee Contains Me”. it happens quite often that someone is looking at a “contains Me” view and inadvertently changes a global filter which then affects everyone else. is it possible to restrict editing of global filters to prevent this from happening.

for example, we have a tasks database view with very specific filters, sorting and color coding to show what tasks are coming due within the next week. when someone inadvertently changes a global filter, it will then screw up not only the filtering but often the sorting and color coding as well.

i understand that it is possible to simply train everyone to use “my filters” when needed, but it would be preferred if this was a bit more bulletproof

Do all these users really need Creator access to these Views? [edit: Spaces, actually]
Would Editor-level access not suffice?

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ahh correct, i thought i might be missing something. it will likely need some restructuring of our task database, but i should be able to restrict it so that only i have creator access. thanks for that.

regardless, i would love to see entity level permissions (i know they are on the horizon), or even just a bit more granularity with the existing levels of permission