Global Filter Assignees Contains Me

The Global Filter where Assignees Contains Me works well in views where the information displayed must only be for the logged in user.

This creates a “type of permission” where the user is not allowed to see information of entries assigned to other users.

The only problem is that this does not work for a super user also called “the boss” who needs to see all entries.

Any suggestions how to work around this limitation ?

Hi, Nicol!
We haven’t designed that for permissions cases, telling the truth.
So Boss has to have his own separate View

However, any of your teammates can create a board in “My Space” and sell all the data.
So it’s all about pleasant Ui rather than permissions

If you could share the use cases you have, most likely our upcoming permission improvements would solve the issue you have…

Hi Polina,
My requirement is actually related to permissions. I will share my use case in Ideas & Features.