Filter report by current user


We are trailing building out a user focussed app within our workspace called “My work”, this is a place where we bring in lots of different types of data, and allow a user to work in a more focused way.


This works nicely.

However, I am wondering if it possible to create a report within this space.

As an example, it would be nice for the users to see some analytics around their work for the last 30 days. The reporting has everything we need, but filtering by current user does not seem possible - whereas a specific user is.

Is that correct? Or is there something I’ve missed.

Thanks, Laurence

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Are you talking about Reports? Or other sorts of views?
Most views allow a filter of e.g. assigned to me, which means the contents vary depending on who is logged in.

Specifically the Reports (e.g. f.k.a. Vizydrop)

It’s not possible to create ‘context filters’ for Report View (i.e. limit the data to that for the logged in user) but there are some tricks in reports that you could use to make the analytics more usable.
For example, you can split charts into sub-charts (one per user)
or you could replicate each view within a report and apply filters so that there is a view per user.

None of the workarounds will get you the same filtering that is possible in other views (e.g. ‘Assigned to Me’) sorry.


Ah that is a shame, it would be lovely to pass in a filter of “Current User”.

I had a play around, and I have discovered that, if the user sets the user filter, that value is then persisted on a user by user basis. :partying_face:

This gives the exact functionality I wanted, however, it does mean that users can view each others data, which in this particular context I wanted to avoid, as it’s not a competition. However, for the time being I think when we onboard the users, we can set the filter with them and this is a OK solution