Bug: select options not available in report filter

When creating a report, if you try to apply a filter to the data using a single or multi-select field, only the options that are currently used in the dataset are available. This makes it impossible to create reports filtered for conditions that haven’t happened yet.

For example, say I want to make a report that counts the number of tasks in the ‘Done’ state. If I don’t currently have any tasks that are Done, the option won’t show up in the filters.

In this case, it’s not such a huge deal to create a dummy task to match the condition you want to use in the filter. But it is kind of annoying. And I can imagine scenarios, potentially involving more complex automations or where there is a risk of accidentally notifying sensitive stakeholders, where creating a dummy task might not be so trivial.

There are actually two places where filters can be applied.
It’s true that filtering options for a specific chart/table in a report view will be limited to those options for the entities that are present in the report.
However, you can also filter the entire set of source data, and here there will be the option to exclude values, even if they’ve not been chosen for any entity:


Oh, okay. I see. In this particular case, what I’m trying to do is create a single report which returns “Done” tasks and “Not Done” tasks. So I think that means I don’t have the option to run the filter on the entire data set.