CHANGELOG: Aug 4, 2022 / Editable units on all views, filters in reports data source

:writing_hand: Editable units everywhere: Board, Calendar, Timeline, List

Now you can change units in all views. This makes editing information faster and more pleasant.

Side effect: Units with empty values are visible by default.

:racing_car: Reports: filter current entities datasource when creating a report

Now you can filter the data source when creating a report. It makes report creation much faster. For example, to create a report that shows Fixed bugs only Fibery fetched all bugs, but now you can tell Fibery to fetch only Fixed bugs.

NOTE: the filter is available only for “Current data” data source.

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Add “Modified By” (author) to Historical Reports
  • Self hosted (on-premise) GitLab integration is supported now
  • Multi-panel navigation is no longer experimental. If you still don’t like panels, enable One Panel in experimental features.

:shrimp: 18 Fixed Bugs

  • Rich Text: Too many links in a document kill frontend
  • Rich Text: Copy browser (html) page and paste into rich text strangenesses
  • Esc closes panel instead of exiting a cell in Table View
  • Range End Date is empty on the report when the start date = end date
  • Mobile: Inline comments are cut, so it became unreadable
  • Old user name doesn’t get replaced with the new one in notifications popup
  • ‘Invariant’ error on duplicating view created from DB settings
  • It’s impossible to reorder columns on the board that’s created with Workflow extension
  • Folder is not in “renaming” state after add in left menu
  • Change still pending sync on removed entity or view
  • Dark theme: code block in Page mode looks bad
  • Dark theme: can’t see total number of assignees in the Table VIew
  • Dark theme: checkboxes in documents are hardly visible
  • Dark theme: Context filters are unreadable
  • ‘Could not load’ for any filter by document or whiteboard
  • SOMETIMES getting an error when renaming a space
  • Plan for Today does nothing in Calendar View
  • Changing a database name from uppercase to lowercase doesn’t work in some cases

I really love this feature, but it seem like it’s still not possible to modify fields that are shown on lanes in board and in timeline views at the moment. Is this by design?


The “empty values are visible by default” seems to have changed. Looks a lot cleaner now, but there are some instances when having an empty value on a view is useful. So that it can be easily edited - rather than opening up the entity. Are there any plans to make the default visibility customizable?

Yes, right now we are adding per-View setting to “Show empty fields by default”.