Global filter in reports

Hi guys, is it possible to create a report and apply filter for all users? Not sure is that a bug or a feature: currently, it’s not possible to save a filter for all users. Filter settings are available for user who applied the filter but all other users should apply it again.


This filter has to be applied for everyone
Isn’t it?

Nope, it works for the user who applied the filter only.

The filters applied during configuration should persist.
If they’re added after you’ve clicked ‘Finish’ they are temporary/personal.
If you’re not getting that behaviour, can you send us a video showing what happens.

What do you mean by “Finish” button? I can’t see it. See the screenshot below.

When you first configure a report (or reconfigure it) there is the possibility to choose filters, and these will be visible for all users (dark grey).


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Thanks @Chr1sG ! What if we have an existing report? With your example we have to re-create a report.

No, just reconfigure it.
Watch the gif above. After it’s made, you can click on the three dots, choose ‘Configure report’, and make changes, including adding filters.

It’s true that you can have predefined filters, but I am not aware of any way to filter to the ‘current user’. This has to be added to the report on a per user basis.

I mention this, as in your screenshot you have “Current User”

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Thanks for pointing this out @uniquelau :slight_smile:

So @Eugene_Vabishchevich were you trying to add a filter so that the report would be filtered differently for each user viewing it? That’s not how I understood the original question, sorry.

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The original question was about the filter in general. But I agree, we used “Current User” value and maybe that was the reason of the issue. I will check with the team week.