Global Sorts and My Sorts

For filters fibery has Global Filters and My Filters already.

It has been requested that the same functionality be added to Sort as well (Global Sorts, My Sorts)

Any update on the progress to implement this functionality

Fibery has Global Filters and My Filters already.

The same functionality will be very nice as shown below for view sorting (Global Sorts, My Sorts)


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We are a team of people using Fibery. We work on the same view table at the same time with each person sorting the view table according to his requirement.

This makes it impossible for the team to work as the view table is constantly changing sorting order.

This can be fixed if My Sort is offered so that the team working does not constantly change the Sort order or rules.

I would probably just duplicate the view for each user & let them tweak the sort and filter to their hearts content. Since the data is still in the same database, you will still see changes just as quickly.

In my use, I have a few key central databases (like a master task list), with each Department having a space that shows just the items relevant to them via Global Filters (so sales sees just sales and accounting sees just accounting, etc), & the users have their own space that shows just things assigned to them (some might be doing things for multiple departments).

If you are worried about cluttering up the global view, you can probably just create the views, have the user who needs them add it to their favorites and have everyone else hide that space.

This would work if granular permissions to view level is possible and not only at workspace level. This is expected to be possible with the object permissions under development.

Out of votes but in need of this as well. Especially with Smart Folders and context specific views.

A user without Creator permission can easily add their own filters on top of the global ones.

The same would be very much appreciated for sorting.

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