2 places in Fibery that benefit from sortability/ordering: (1) Smart Folders and (2) Right panel fields

In most of Fibery you have control over how things are sorted. Two areas, not so much:

One: Smart Folders [When Adding New Entities]

If you have a smart folder pulling from different databases (shown below), there is no efficient way to sort the databases when you use the ‘+’ on the smart folder to add a new entity. Because the databases are not listed alphabetically what should be an instant, intuitive “click this” experience instead takes extra thought/searching.

While there is an inefficient, hacking method to get it sorted, it doesn’t scale with added databases. Even simply auto-defaulting to alphabetical sort would be preferential.


Two: Right Panel

I don’t much care about this - but I provide feedback for your smaller useability mods for your future new users. You can customize the order of fields at the top left of an entity with a rich text field (e.g. ‘a page’). You can customize the order of related databases at the bottom of ‘the page’. But you cannot customize the order of the right panel fields.

(I’ve noticed that you can change that order but you have to do so by going to the table itself and changing the order of the table columns, which is not efficient.)

You can reorder the right hand fields in entity view using the handles (six dots that appear on hover) to drag and drop.