Drag & drop cards in board views, to order entities that have the same "sorting field value", when sorting is active


I’m creating a separate feature request than [✔️ FIXED] Choose order of empty values when sorting on Date field which is marked as fixed, because it didn’t solve our problem.

In board views, if we have an active sorting on a date field (for example, but the problem is the same for any type of field), then we can’t do any drag&drop on cards which have the same value to reorder them.

I encountered this limitation multiple times, because a very basic usecase of Fibery is :

  • a board view of entities (tasks), sorted by “date” (due date)
  • some cards have the same due date
  • but we want to reorder them manually / easily, without having to use another sorting field like “priority” to fill in for every single entity (with a second sorting on that field, which is still not perfect as we sometimes want to order between cards of the same priority & due date)
    => this is currently not possible in Fibery, because the sorting overrides the manual drag&drop that we do, even if the cards have the same “sorting field” value

It would be great if the manual ordering was taken into consideration when “all sorting fields being equal”,

Thank you

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