Feature Request: Support for sort in Kanban View as a column function, like Table View


Can you explain what you mean… I don’t get it

I wanna manually sort the columns in Kanban View, so currently I have to drag each column.
I hope that I can manually sort the columns in a small action way, like Columns button at the top of the Table View.
I know Columns in Table view are all Fields, but I just wanna sort them in a natural way.

In your case, are the columns select options (e.g. workflow) or linked entities?
If the former, then you can edit the field and reorder them as you like.
If the latter, you can use an existing data view (or create a temporary data view) of these entities, e.g. list or table, and reorder them using drag and drop.
This will affect their rank everywhere it is used, including the order in which they are shown as columns on kanbans.

Maybe dumb question, but why can’t you use Board view? That’s designed to be Kanban-like.

I don’t know what you mean. It is possible to drag and drop columns to rearrange their order, but I got from you question that horizontal dragging could be a bit of a pain, especially if there are a lot of columns.
I don’t think we will make an additional dedicated UI component just for this purpose (most people don’t have a lot of columns, so the current method is fine).

:joy: By Kanban View, I mean the same as Board View.
Sorry to not say it in a right way.

Wow, I create a temp Table View, and it works. Thanks.
I wanna know if I have more than one Table View, and sort in a different way in these View. How does the Board View sort automatically?

Manual sorting in any view will define the ‘rank’ of the entities, and rank is global, i.e. this will affect the order in any other view where no other specific sort is applied

Get it, thanks for the information.