List sort is grouped by Database Type

I have Task and Action Item types in a List view and I’m trying to sort them by State.

Expected result
The rows are sorted by State.

Actual result
The rows are sorted by State but within each type.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Add two type with similar State field (e.g. Task and Action Item)
  2. Change State to Done on an entity for each type
  3. Add a List view and add the two types
  4. Add a sort on the State field

I may be missing something, please let me know!

I can’t reproduce. Are there any other sorts applied (on either of the databases)?

There are no other sorts applied. I just checked each Database (Task and Action Item) and they have the same options (Open, In Progress, Review and Done).

I don’t know if it makes a difference but the two Databases are located in two different Spaces.

Still can’t reproduce :confused:
Are the State options completely identical for both dbs?
Does a refresh make any difference?

I’ll see if I can share a workspace with this problem, hopefully I’m missing something.

I should have stated it earlier, but it’s not a huge issue if it turns out it is a bug.

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Hey there,

are you sure your states in the field are in the desired order?

If your field looks like this:

An ascending sort will sort it like: Open → Done In Progress

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Yeah they are in the desired order.

I created a new Space as a test and within it Databases: Task and Action Item. Everything works fine when creating a List view and the sort is correct, i.e. it sorts correctly across the two types.

I then wanted to see if the problem comes from having databases in two different spaces. So I created a new Space with the Database: Action Item Other. I then created a List view with Task from one Space and Action Item Other from the newly created space. Works fine here as well.

As soon as I involve either Task from Project Management or Action Item from Meetings in to the List view, they start being grouped per database type first, and state second.

So there’s something going on with those two. Now they are much more complex than my test examples so I’m going to have to dig deeper.

Either I have missed something obvious or there is something in Task and Action Item that groups by Database first and State second.

But I realize it may be something very specific to my setup, I’m just trying to recreate it now :smiley:

As you can see in the image, the sort is not consistent. Open comes after Done again.

And you can sort of make out from the colors that they are grouped by Database type first.

I’ve tried multiple things to recreate it now but can’t trigger it without including one of the two initial Databases (Task and Action Item).

I’m going to leave it here without a solution (because the problem does exist for me) if I manage to recreate it somehow or if someone else stumbles upon a similar problem. But it’s probably not a high priority bug :slight_smile:

I reported it because I really like Fibery and would want to see it at its best version :slight_smile: