Sort or group list by database (by entity type)

Currently its not possible to sort or group a list by entity type.


Use case:

I have Hubs, Projects, Tasks, Notes, Pages which all use a single select field called “Priority”.
I have filtered the list by priority ‘High’
This results in a mixed list of entity types. I want to have them either sorted or grouped by enity type.

A workaround would be:
For grouping by database:

  1. Create a new database with a list of all database names (the database names database).
  2. Then, for each of these databases you can create a relationship to that database name.
  3. Then create a list view with the database names database as first level, and other databases as second level.

For sorting by database the same approach can be applied.

Its a complex workaround for what would be expected out of the box.

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