Licenses: Working with customers?

I am looking for a way to work with my customers together on a separately workspace. I want to do a graduation course for may be 15 people or so, using whiteboard and databases. At the beginning no one of them will have a Fibery account, I think. Normally we are working together a few weeks or months.

How does this work with the licenses and the costs for me and my customers?

You are the one that pays for the workspace with a certain amount of people. Normally you pay $10 per user per month that is involved, so with 15 people that would be $150 per month. However, since you mention that it’s for a graduation course, you may be elligible for the educational discount of 50%.

What you describe should work, if you need help in setting up your workspace we can look at it together.

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And I will add that licences are paid pro-rata, and you don’t pay for inactive users. So once people leave, you can deactivate their user account and you won’t be charged for them any longer.