June 15, 2023 / 😛 Callout block in text

:stuck_out_tongue: Callout block in Rich Text

You can make your text more engaging and emphasise important points by using a brand new Callout block. Type / in text and find Callout to add it.

Set icons or emojis, select color, and enjoy the Callout block.

2023-06-15 08.24.18

Callout block is available in documents, rich text fields, comments, view descriptions, and form descriptions.

TIP: The quickest method to add a callout block is to type ! followed by a space in the beginning of a new line.

FACT: We’ve added 200+ callout blocks to Fibery user guide and replaced all NOTE, TIP, and other similar workarounds.

:relieved: Icon, emoji, and color picker unification

We’ve unified a popup for icons, emojis and colors picking. Now you will have consistent experience across the whole Fibery system for icons, emojis and color selection.

We have replaced the default Windows emojis with Twemoji, so now Windows users will suffer slightly less:

:yawning_face: Collapse/Expand right panel in full Entity View

We’ve added a nifty little feature to help you see more in the Entity View main column. Now, you can easily collapse the right panel by clicking the icon on top, and the main area will extend to full screen:

2023-06-15 10.50.20

:butterfly: Improvements

  • ClickUp Import adds Timeline Views and Table Views now.

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Mention: search results are too far from cursor
  • Superfluous icons in doc printing version
  • Zero values on next month when there is no data using periodical scale
  • Using ‘,’ in field/database/space name leads to error
  • State value is displayed on Clickup cards via coloring while it’s missed on Fibery cards
  • Items deleted from My Space cannot be restored (for non-Admins)
  • Table view: pressing Enter causes two network same network requests
  • Navigation: Incorrect panel switch after panel replaced with search result
  • Missing panel with table view on opening item from it

The call out blocks are awesome! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

One big bummer: we really want to use them in templates that we have.

For example: we have ‘Description templates’ → we use them for example to prefil a checklist while making content.

Just found out that when you ‘append/prepend description’ via an automation, then the call out lay-out will get lost and not work anymore :cry:

What do you have in Automation rule? Can you share?

Bullets, bold text etc. works great. But call out blocks lay-out gets lost.

So when I trigger the automation by selecting the template, this is the result :arrow_down:

And this is the description in the template :arrow_down:

LOVE the sidebar collapse / entity wide view! This is phenomenal!!!

One request - this feature isn’t available if there are no visible fields in the sidebar. If possible, please support this feature for this case as well. Even better, if there are no visible sidebar fields, wide mode should be the default. That would be amazing.

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Got it. I’ve added a feature to support callouts in markdown import/export. It is not super easy, but we will do it eventually.


Thanks a lot for the callouts and the new unified picker :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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We’ll think about it :slight_smile: It is a rare case though.

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Thanks for considering! This surprises me that this is a rare case!

To give you insight into our workflow - we hide all single values on our project pages, because 99% of our time interacting with our project pages is with the to-many blocks and its nicer to have that work area centered. Any single values we need regularly we pin to the top of the page.

Still love this update though, it makes it so easy to switch between to-many block views from a fuller screen. Huge quality of life improvement.


Same! We try to keep the right panel as empty as possible. And we even put documents (SOP’s) in a database so we have more options. Then right panel is always empty and only few fields are pinned

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This is great. I’ve been using Notion since 2018 and am looking to move our whole org to Fibery in the coming weeks. Will this allow a more seamless import of page body copy from Notion in the near future? My understanding is that right now it’s just the database columns, not any page content within, which is severely limiting our ability to complete the migration.


  • +1 to add floating functionality when hovering over the expanded (hidden) right panel. Would make seeing hidden right panel fields very smooth.

  • +1 to set default Collapse/Expand state for database or type. Would be helpful for entities that should stay in expanded mode.

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This would be a real game changer for our clients. Since we often leave the right panel as empty as possible. But some places (like contact and task) have way too much information. Because we also pin information, user is not very aware of all information in the right panel. So a setting per database would be awesome.

What would also be really helpful is that views always open full screen when you open them.

To avoid a very long left menu, we’ve created documents that act like a menu. That works great!

Only annoying thing is when you click to open the view, the view also opens in the right panel. Which is expected behavior off course, but would be awesome if those views always open full screen :smile:



Any plans to add a keyboard shortcut to highlight text and put it inside a callout block? I find myself reaching for this all the time.



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You can just type ! and space in front of a paragraph, like that:
2023-09-14 09.02.25


Got it. Thank you. I think it just threw me off not having the keyboard notation or tooltip in the menu and most other formatting options having a highlight and convert style.