[DONE] Banner / Callout in rich text


Would be good to have something similar to the code sample but for product people. Quite often I find myself writing things like.

:memo: see here for more information on XYZ”

:stop_sign: Do not delete the production database”

Its similar to highlighting content but helps make the content more readable. Something like this?


Possible workarounds:

Could the Fibery team perhaps adjust the formatting of Blockquotes to be more like this:


You could also insert an emoji/image.

You could get the above appearance now by injecting custom CSS –

.ProseMirror blockquote {
    background: #eee;
    border-left: 8px solid #bbb !important;

Though this will only affect your own browser, unless Fibery lets us define our own Workspace custom CSS.

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Thats not a bad shout imo. Less fussed about the emoji tbh but for me its more about its level of importance. Some thing are really important → Red, not important → Green.

Implemented in latest release

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