🔮 Fibery roadmap for July-Dec 2023 + previous roadmap reflection

Wow, this is amazing news. Really happy with this roadmap. :partying_face:

Not sure if the Fibery team has evaluated Weje (A free online web whiteboard for visual collaboration inside) but it has some interesting features.

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Thanks for elaborating, @mdubakov. Glad to hear that you see that whatever will be done with References will work better across the product. I’m excited to see how that empowers the general use.

Guess what I wanted to bring across is that for our product team, I do currently not see this as that crucial. I might be missing visibility tho. :slight_smile:

I just hope that the Whiteboard gets the love it needs. To us, that’s one of the biggest selling points and currently sadly just workable… :broken_heart:



Hope to see the capability to have calculation row (sum, mean etc) and freeze row/column. And overall faster keyboard navigation will be great.

In the first release we will mostly have the same feature set, with some additions

  • drag and drop rows
  • group rows by parent entities
  • freeze columns

Then we will add more features, like totals for columns, etc. We will not stop till Table View will be powerful enough and usable enough.


Since you are working on the emojis, I would like to give some feedback.

In a couple of databases we are using single select fields as a workaround for state.

Due to the possibilities we have with the normal state field (like state = final in formula’s) we would like to change those single selects into a traditional workflow field. But we don’t like the looks of it.

  • The emojis are not as bright as our version in the single select.
  • The emojis are a bit to big. We would prefer a little more subtle emoji.
  • And the black circle indicating the progress in combination with an emoji doesn’t look nice either.

See these 2 examples:


  • It would be very nice if the black circle indicating progress were optional, so users can choose between a black circle, an emoji or both.
  • Then if the emojis would also be a bit brighter and more subtle that would be absolutely fantastic.

Wonder if you guys agree with this.


Hello, @Marloes,

Could you tell me please how emojis were added to single-select? Were they selected with our icon/color picker or were they inserted using native OS emoji picker as a part of title?

To me it looks like you inserted native emojis to single-selects but for Workflow field you selected them with our picker. As a part of emoji-color-picker-unification we’ve decided to use Twemoji (twitter emoji) for all non-apple users in our pickers

So, as a workaround you can still insert native emoji to workflow field as a part of text but in that case your colleagues sitting on Linux or Android will see emoji in their OS style (e.g ✅ White Heavy Check Mark Emoji)

Screen Recording 2023-07-04 at 14.12.18

Whilst we’re talking emojis, some way to convert icons to text in formulas would be useful.
eg. I have a multi-select that sometimes gets a bit hectic. The ability to just string together the emoji icons so views with less space can get a shorthand would be handy, and the thing that’s stopping me is that emoji icons can’t be inserted into text, even if the emojis themselves are allowed.

Hi @Mike_Yermolayev

The emojis in the single-select were added via the default option from Microsoft as part of a the title. And you’re also correct that we used the emoji picker for the workflow field.

So yes, we can replace the emojis in the workflow field with our own emojis provided by Microsoft. But unfortunatelly, we still dislike the way it looks. I had the hope that choosing an emoji would replace the dark circle. Now we basicly have 2 emojis

See the image below were we have changed the emoji into our own (as an inline text emoji).


Just out of curiosity, if I have a CRM that I share with partners companies, will there be a way that I can add child notes to a company/person without being accessible to the other partners companies? (child relation) :slight_smile:

Seconded. I have 2 applications that would be instantly done if I could use ChatGPT to make diagrams. But the issue I’m having with DateTime is about 3 hours away from making me give up on Fibery entirely – and I could just port Mermaid to something from my own server if I go back to hacking Google Sheets and Zenkit together.

This is a great roadmap, thank you! Drop down entities in tables and improved comments will be game changing.

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Sure, this is the goal of entity-level permissions. You can isolate child nodes by a parent node by giving or not giving access to a parent node. So in your case you will give access to Company A and only notes linked to Company A will be visible to a person.

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Great news re ag grid - solid product. Looking forward to seeing this implementation.

This was exactly my concern. I was hoping that all partner companies would have access to Company A, but only they could access their own child notes. I understand the structural challenge this presents.

This is a “many companies” problem aiming at mutualizing information, and I understand this might not be your primary focus. However, mutualizing information among different companies has been instrumental in bringing two new video game studios onboard, who were previously using different solutions, to Fibery.

One potential solution could be to have a primary CRM database that replicates itself with new entries and modifications into separate databases owned by the partner companies. However, it would be challenging to maintain newly added fields and the data they contain. Do you have a template or a strategy to manage such a situation?

Oh, on the emoji-side of things: One of the very few things I always LOVED with Confluence, is that it allowed me to quickly add nice matching icons for:

  • yes: (/):white_check_mark:
  • no: (-) → — and (x):x:
  • warning: (!) for :warning:
  • info: (i) for :information_source:
  • question: (?) for :question:

As you can see, emoji are sadly all over the place and I would love to have a consistent set that also entails the both checkbox options (:ballot_box_with_check:|:white_large_square:) in addition to the above. As you already added the icons to your callout, I would LOVE to:

  1. Have a common and matching set
  2. Have a default colouring too (i.e. info is blue, warning is yellow, no is red) for the icon and maybe even for the callout.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!


mutualizing information among different companies has been instrumental in bringing two new video game studios onboard, who were previously using different solutions

That sounds like an interesting challenge! I certainly would like to understand the context better, would be happy to dive deeper on call — an invitation is on the way via Intercom.

Sure! Would be happy to have a call! :slight_smile:

The whiteboard was a major deciding factor for us to move to Fibery as well. Being able to visualize and work with entities on the canvas is a huge advantage over things like Miro, Whimsical, and FigJam. So any improvements in that area will be a huge benefit to my company.


Something I miss here (I think Notion had it) is the ability to duplicate a view with a different layout. For instance I start with a Kanban view, setup some fields and filters, and later decide I also need a table view with the same fields and filters. This would save some time !


@mdubakov, really nice blogpost #52!

In the blog the Product Roadmap is shown.

For us (as partner) it would be really nice to have more insights then the current Public roadmap. Since a lot of information is missing there.

Some of the updates have a huge impact on the workspace that we’re building for our customers and our own go-live with that workspace :slight_smile:

Is there a way to have more insights in what features are plannend in the near future?