Is it possible to mention in comment or doc via script or API?

I want to mention the assignee via automation script or API is that possible?

Greetings Lukas

Do you mean that you want to notify the assignee(s) when the automation is run?
Notify Assignees is one of the available actions in an automation:

Or do you mean something else?

I would like to do it via script action because then I can set some conditions like:

if ( something is true) => comment with mention person a
else => comment with mention person b

With the standard notify action I am bound to the filter options on top.

Do you mean that you want to add a comment (that mentions a user) to an entity?

In general, the contents of a comment can be described using markdown, and mentioning a user is done using the following format:


where xxxxxx is the ID of the user database and yyyyyy is the ID of the user.

I presume that you are comfortable with using scripting to create/update comments.


Ahh perfect thank you that’s what I’m searching for!