How do I add a comment via Script automation?

I tried:

await fibery.addComment("space/dataSource", entity["Id"], "someting", automationUserId, "md")

then always this error occures:
Failed to execute Action “Script”: addComment: Cannot add collection items to readonly comment/author field for comments/comment database.

Do I have to create an comment entity first like descripted in API docu?

if yes what kind of values do I have to set and so on? There is not much to find in script docu.

Using the no-code interface, you can do this:

Also the GraphQL interface has an “AddCommentInput” mutation, but I do not have any more info on it. Maybe @Oleg can help here?

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Sure this works fine and also GraphQL would be an option, but it would be a bigger workaround. The script fibery function provides the addComment, but I doesn’t understand how it should work.

Hi, @Lug-gl

Looks like it is a bug. We will fix it in nearest future.



ah ok thank you!

That was a bug on our side indeed. Issue is fixed an deployed.
Please write here if there are still any problems with that api.


Thank you!

PS: I think it’s sending two notifications if you set authorID. One by fibery ghost and one by authorId mention. if authorID = “” it’s only the ghost thats cool.