Inheritance of Relation

I have some situations where I could use an “inheritance” of a Relation. The way this would work is that a related Entity would “inherit,” or pick up, the value of the parent entity.

The example I use is explained here:

Later @Chr1sG and I discussed that the way to handle this might be through an “inherited” Relation functionality:

I’m not sure if this would be best solved with some advanced formulas, or perhaps Formula Filters like exist in Coda, but it would be a very useful feature here in Fibery.

Hope that’s clear and happy to explain further if it isn’t!

For what it’s worth, the Binders app I have used a fair bit deals with this in the following way:
You define a calculation for a field (formula type thing) and you choose one of four behaviours:

  • Calculated and stored (i.e. default value)
  • Calculated on demand (you click a button to ‘run’ the calculation
  • Calculated else entered (as long as the calculation yields a valid result, this overrides any user choice)
  • Entered else calculated (as long as the user has made a valid choice, this overrides the calculation)

These options are all independent of whether a field is read-only or not.

And for what it’s worth, the current auto-relations option in fibery seems to be a read-only, calculated field, which is why it can’t provide quite what @B_Sp wants. I guess that he needs either the 3rd or 4th type.

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Oo, I like those 4 options, nice flexibility.

Hi all!
Thanks for the interesting idea (as always)!
Do you have any real use cases in mind, that would work for your setup? Any pains it would solve?
Thanks in advance.

I think @B_Sp’s need is a nice example: a Task could be a child of a Project, but might also live on its own. It would be nice to have a field (Client) for the Task which automatically links to the Client associated with the Project, if there is one. If the Task is an orphan, the user can choose which Client to be associated with the Task.
At the moment, it can only really be solved by having a lookup field (Project’s Client - read-only) + a separate relationship field to Clients (only to be used when the Task is an ‘orphan’).