Inconsistent formatting of Collection fields in entity views

Not sure how much of this is intentional, but the inconsistency looks unprofessional.

  • Different font size and weight between field name of collection lookups vs. native collections
  • Different background colors, even between two collection lookups
  • Collection lookups are missing the DB Icon that is displayed for native collections
  • Cannot create additional views for collection lookups, as we can on native collections
  • The “expansion caret” > is always visible for collapsed collections, but only visible on hover for expanded collections.
  • The “expansion caret” for collection lookups is slightly offset from the caret for native collections

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When the ‘new’ relation views were rolled out, it wasn’t easy to implement them for read-only fields (like lookups and formula fields). As a result, these field continued to utilise the ‘old’ relation field UI.