[IN DEV] Multi-panel context-preserving navigation


It’s very hard to work with data in Fibery, since you have only single open entity/view in the main area. It leads to the following problems:

  • Loss of context when you open entities in collections or references. You have to remember where you’ve been.
  • High cognitive load for all side-actions. Main flow is interrupted by some sudden sub-flow and it’s hard to go back easily.


We’ll experiment with making multi-panel navigation a major UX pattern in Fibery. It will be easy to open anything in any panel.

Quickly show a second panel from anywhere

When there is a single panel visible, there is a button/shortcut to split the screen (open a panel on the left, open a panel on the right).

Going to the source of knowledge opens the left panel (ex. Block Source, to-one relation), digging deeper opens the right one (ex. to-many relation, Entity mention in text).

For example, here we have a feature in a single panel, but I clicked on a user story and it opens in the right→ panel:


Obsidian is a good one


Innos is cool as well