Close button on record view full screen

I am trying to use fibery to create knowledge bases.
I submit a small imperfection to the community.
Right pop-up record view has the close button rightly.

center pop-up record view has the close button also.

But the most important view full screen not has the close button!

This is an interface inconsistency, which creates an unsatisfactory user experience.
The solution is to use the browser’s back button!
Can you rate this feature, please?
Greetings to all.

I believe this is the same issue as this previous one, which received very extensive (and ultimately much unrelated) discussion. I am linking here to my last thoughts on the subject, which may be relevant:

That issue was Closed, I think on the basis that the Fibery team didn’t feel it was a change they wanted to make. I think the reason for closing it is explained by Michael and others (including myself, perhaps) in that thread. As the Fibery team moves towards new ways of navigating/interacting, perhaps it is something they will revisit to make it more consistent.

This is likely to be indirectly addressed through the new multi-panel navigation. It has the close button regardless it seems, and upon closing the final panel you’d be taken back to the view you originated from.

Here’s a video showing this. Do note that this may not the final version of the navigation, I have enabled the experimental navigation.

An exception to this that I have found so far is when you search and go to that entity. Not sure what the close button should even do in that case—is it even right to have on there?

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Multi panel is good.

Thanks Oshyan, I used multi panel sperimental features. It’s a good compromise.

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