Pressing "Esc" closes the active view [DONE]

I know that what I’m going to report is probably a “Feature” of Fibery but honestly I (and literally (literally literally, not throwing the literally lightly around) all users I’ve dealt with) have found this an annoyance.

Situation: Most users utilize the table view to input data, after inputting data they will press “Esc” to exit the cell, multiple times they will press it more than once and the view will be closed and you will be sent to the “Search” view.

Request: Please :pray: deactivate the option to close views using the “Esc” key.
The search function already has a shortcut, I’m not sure what’s the point of having this sort of functionality. Am I missing something?

Maybe I and all users that I know come from a different background, have you found your users advocates of this? Are we all crazy about this? Would love to hear your thoughts, perhaps I am biased.


I fully agree, I don’t get this either. But just discovered if you do another ESC press after you are in the search, it will revert back to the view again :sweat_smile: