Keyboard shortcut to move focus to the table

I did search but didn’t find anything on this. I like to use mostly the keyboard when populating data into the table view. One thing I notice is that once I hit “ESC” to get out of specific cell, I don’t know how to move focus back to the table by just using keyboard. Right now, I have to click a specific cell in the table to bring focus back, and then Enter to start typing in data.

Let me know if I miss anything, or is this something that could be implemented as a quality-of-life improvement.

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Related to this question, is there a shortcut to open a data entry using keyboard? I can see that “space” is indicated to be the shortcut for “Open”. But it doesn’t do anything for me when hitting space.

I’m afraid that the only list of shortcuts are listed here

That’s an area for us to improve :muscle: