Closing Panels on Full Screen

This is confusing to explain in words, but the panel setting I describe below is very unintuitive to me. Just a small navigation improvement idea.


  • If I am looking at an entity, or to-many view, expanded with a collapsed panel on the left
  • Then click on an item to open up its page on the right
  • Then close that item on the right
  • The remaining 2 panels are now 50/50 split-screen open with the previously left-most collapsed panel and the previously full page expanded panel

It’s a small thing, but in my opinion it makes Fibery appear difficult to navigate - especially when I am showing Fibery to someone in my company as a possible solution. I then have to re-expand the right panel to full screen again. So if I’m on a full screen to-many view and I want to open/close/open/close multiple items on that view, it’s a hassle. Ideally, Fibery should remember if I previously had a panel in expanded mode, then when everything on the right is closed it goes back to expanded, regardless if there are items on the left collapsed. Especially with to-many views. I’m curious if this bothers anyone else or if this is just me.