Allow opening same entity side-by-side from search panel

At the moment I can’t find a way to open the same entity in “panels”/side-by-side mode. I’m almost certain this is currently intended behavior, but I consider it a bug in the following case:

  • I have the entity open in default/full screen view
  • I click the Search button or hotkey to specifically open search to right or left in a panel
  • I select the same entity from the search that is currently already open in the other panel

In this specific case it seems quite clear that yes, I know the other entity is right there, and also yes I want that same entity to be on the right or left. Why? Well, in my case I have a long Rich Text and I want to take notes on it in another Rich Text of the same entity to summarize it. Obviously I could have a different Database for the Summaries, or even consider doing them in a basic Text Field, but neither meets my ideal use case. And I see little reason why this suggestion doesn’t actually make sense generally anyway in the specific case where the explicit right/left search pane behavior is being used. Feel free to let me know what I’m overlooking that may be problematic though. :smile:


A slightly more painful solution would be to duplicate your browser tab :slight_smile:

I have a suspicion your limitation is related to how Fibery only allows one instance of a database within a hierarchy, even if it is linked through multiple relations - ie. only one instance of any given database object can be displayed within the app window.

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Yeah, I could do it with browser Windows and then docking each one to side of the screen, but I otherwise use my browser (and most other apps) full screen and much prefer it that way so it would definitely be a shift in workflow just for this one purpose. But it’s something I’ll have to do at least weekly, so certainly a bit of an annoyance. But yeah, not a massive deal.

I’d back this I literally had a need yesterday where I wanted to copy and past things between white boards.

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You wanted to copy and paste something within the same whiteboard?

Two whiteboards but I wanted to be able to open them side by side in panels rather than jumping back and forth I realise that this was not quite the same thing but similar.

You can choose to open a new panel with a specific view (on either side) via the search:

oh… wow look at that :smile: thanks I really did not know that existed.

I want that same entity to be on the right or left

Makes total sense.
The only thing that prevents us from supporting this pattern at the moment is surprisingly great effort to do so.

I’ve added a Feature to our backlog, and we’ll continue to collect use cases. At some point, the value-to-effort ratio will be just right and we’ll implement it :crossed_fingers:

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This bug is from the experimental feature multi-panel navigation.

You can have the same entity open in both panels. Though it requires you to navigate to it using the “hidden” field entities.


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Have any entity with a select/multi-select field that also have a value set
  2. Open up the selected value using the Alt+Click
  3. Open the entity you was originally at

(I think the video bellow is broken by the forum engine, here’s a link:

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It’s not a bug, it’s an undocumented feature :wink:

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