Important Fields

We’ll see how it goes on live data — so far it’s a radical experiment.

Correct, we imagine Creators marking some Fields as important which pins them throughout Fibery. This might include the creation screen as well, similar to Linear:


I completely disagree with this. Maybe it depends how everyone uses Fibery, but having the important fields shown on top it’s great, especially when doing 2 panel navigation. Notion, Coda etc uses this and for sure they have enough UX data to confirm it, otherwise they would at least try changing it.

2 panels will work really well when you have relationship and you want to check those items, or links to other entities in the rich text, it’s so much easier to open the entity in another panel and keep the view instead of having to go back each time.

I guess the important fields might be simple fields for some people, and rich-text fields for others :man_shrugging:

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Precisely! Which is why it should be customizable, as it already now is. And also why I’m confused by the proposed layout which changes the defaults and the way single column layout is handled. That, to me, seems like a separate thing to do, if at all. Is there complaint that the single column defaults are not good? Am I reading too much into the Figma mockup? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Would be nice to be able to move important fields on the main part of the entity view where the rich text fields are located. Even though i love the multi panel feature, for entities that have important information on non-rich text fields, is annoying to click on that little icon on top right to show the non-rich text fields.

If we could somehow add important fields on the main part of the entity view, would be awesome. Or maybe a “favorite” field option, with a star button near the field label to indicate that’s important so when the split view is activated to show it on the main part… or even in non-split view, to see the field on the left side


Yes, this will be done soon as well


awesome! love it

This looks really great. Can’t wait to try these and blocks!

I had two questions:

  1. Has there been any discussion around allowing view templates in the future that users can flip through to see a different layout (possibly different important fields and in different order). I think a few other tools support this (anytype is the first that comes to my mind).

  2. Will the important field property by something that can be controlled in the future a bit more dynamically once we have the ability to control fields visibility, filtering, etc based on conditions (there are quite a few requests in that are so I didn’t link to any)?

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Not quite the same (I described an example of per-role layout visibility), but it implies the same as you are thinking, I believe:

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