What are use cases for multiple rich text fields?

Hey all just finished watching how Fibery sets up their public roadmap and public release space. Really cool to see how they have an additional rich text field that acts as the public release note.

I’m wondering how others might be making use of multiple rich text fields within entities?

I’m currently using Fibery to help document and develop Figma components and at this point I’ve been adding all notes to a single rich text field but I could see a benefit in creating a few different rich text fields to act as dedicated sections. A good use case is having a section for adding the embedded Figma preview (I find working with embeds tricky in Fibery, it’s not easy to shuffle them around)

Another use case although may be overkill is having multiple rich text editors that act as required/highly-suggested sections to include with entities. These could be Problem, Ideas/Options, Decision. The advantage of this approach compared to “templates” is that those sections are permanent.

Hi @Ryan_Dejaegher,

Indeed, the only places where I use more than one rich text fields are:

  1. Entities where I want to have a clear structure with specific fields for specific purpose (like a Job Opening)
  2. Entities where I want to use the rich text fields for email automation, so that the email can use the contents from one text field.

Hope that helps!

Yes, same as @njyo :smile:

If it’s possible in the future to have a rich text field in the right column then maybe also add one in the contact entity. So that you have a ‘quick note’ area for particularities that doesn’t fit well in a normal text field.

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