Import and Convert CLickup

I am trying to import and convert stuff from clickup into fibery.

i am quite happy with my fibery setup - but sadly there is 6 months of data stuck in clickup. i can import them into fibery … that works and have the data in a Clickup Database … but to actually work with that data is nearly impossible.

i need to convert tasks into fibery tasks, contacts into fibery contacts and so on

clickup has just a lot of different fields and references - and i can not just convert … a good example is phone numbers, wich are imported as text and cannot be converted to phone (as i have it setup in my fibery db)

and then there are the relationship fields … no idea how to convert these references. e.g. contact relationship “referred by” fields, that reference to contact db itself - but in clickup referencing to clickup …

and so on …

having an automation, converting fields to the correct format (eg text to phone number) and relation to other relation… that would be fantastic

but my limits in scripting are reached …

does anyone have a script lying around i could adopt?

If no one can provide an existing “ClickUp converter” script, one could certainly be written, but I’m afraid I cannot volunteer it gratis :slightly_frowning_face: