Imported data in "rich text" field does not have "live" URL links

I just imported a bunch of data from ClickUp via CSV. Most of it came in remarkably well. But URLs in Rich Text fields render as plain text, until/unless I add a carriage return after them. :roll_eyes: Obviously I’m not going through them all and hitting Enter just to get live links. They were live in ClickUp, and while I know there’s no way for Fibery to know that as the export to CSV isn’t putting HTML (or markdown) in for those rich text fields. Still I think it should at least be an option to parse links and make them live.

Come to think of it, I think that should be enabled by default even in regular use of the rich text field. I am constantly finding it annoying that I have to hit Enter after pasting a URL into text, just to get it to to be clickable, especially when I don’t actually want another line!

I suppose you might consider this a “feature” instead of a bug, but I don’t. :wink: