[IMPLEMENTED] Quick: Entity icons should show initials of type name


Just like in TP, entity icons should show initials of type name. For example, User Story should show “US” in the icon.


Feeling the need for this all the time. TP has this feature.

Hi @mdubakov, this is really a very essential feature - is it possible to fast track this one?

Without this, views where several types are shown and also cards where several types are shown as units have no indication of what unit is which type.


@Shafqat_Ullah Can you post a screenshot where this gets confusing without type initials?

Well, any view where multiple types get shown. And for the same good reasons the initial-based type “icons” are there in TP. Very useful visual cue. Just color codes doesn’t really help much on its own.

For card details where multiple related types are shown, it is now not possible to determine which unit is what type at a glance. The initial-based mini-icons could help.

@Shafqat_Ullah That makes sense. I’ve added User Story into backlog for the nearest future. Hope 1-2 weeks.

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Thanks a lot @mdubakov :ok_hand:

This is implemented already



That’s great @mdubakov!