Image field in database

An image field like the one in Coda is essential. The thumbnail of the image should be visible in the table view, while in the full-screen entity view, the image should be displayed at a larger size.


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I’ve asked for this too: Image from URL column

Are these the same request or slightly different?
I understood yours @Sarah_Arminta to be related to showing external images (via url) whereas @DiegoKamp 's to be related to showing thumbnails of images that have been uploaded to Fibery.

Well, I guess it depends on how the OP wants to add the image.

Images have been added to a board view, it’s ok, but what about other views? And especially WhiteBoard. I can add an entity, but in many cases, it could be useful to add an image preview on the entity card.

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Yes, I really think the reasonably good image support in Board View should be extended to basically all views possible (e.g. on entity “cards” in Whiteboard). Also the addition of a “Gallery” view: