Idea for Creation of Entity - saving draft instead of Autosave

Hi again Guys,

As I work more in Fibery, I find myself preferring a flow that would allow me to draft an Entity, and create it with a “save” or “create” button, as opposed to the current arrangement where it automatically creates when you add it with a “plus” sign in the canvas. I find this is problematic as you can create by accident empty entities very easily. I don’t think it would slow the process of creation if you had to confirm that you want an entity to come into the System with a “save” or “create” action.

There are various approaches to this in the market. Jira and ClickUp for example do not create the entity unless you click a button to do so - so the entity won’t simply create when you start the “create” process. Other apps like Wrike, Coda, etc. create it immediately like Fibery.

One approach I’ve found pretty interesting is in Clubhouse: It will save a draft of your entity as soon as you start the create process:

However, that entity will not get in the system unless you hit the “create” button.

Would you guys consider something like this as an enhancement down the road?

Thanks as always for the consideration!

@B_Sp I don’t have strong opinion here so far. Few people complain, but we’ll see when we’ll have more feedback how to deal with it

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