Hyperlinks in tabular reports


I manage client tasks with Fibery. I have a tabular report that has only two columns: ‘Task Name’ and ‘hours spent’. I want to be able to open the task entities from the reports and I can’t figure out how to do that. If I click on an entry a “Data” Tooltip appears. I was able to create an url with the [public id] as a third column, but the url is still not clickable.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Silver

P.S. I visualized it here. I’d like to make the highlighted part (or any other) linking back to the entity

If you click in the Data tooltip, you will see a popover view of the entity (or entities) that are the source of the data. In this popover, each source entity is clickable, taking you to the relevant entity view.

If you change the type of Name from Text to Id, do you get a link?

Thank you for the fast reply!
Yes, that’s a workaround I didn’t see myself. So in conclusion: adding links directly in the report is not possible, right?

Not sure how to do that, do you have a screenshot?

I’m thinking of this, not sure if if it’s going to help your case though

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Am alternative, given your use case is simple, would be to create a formula field on Task, which has the sum of the hours spent. You could then just use a normal table view rather than a report, which would open each task in its own sub-panel when clicked on.

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Would be awesome if you can click on an entity and open in directly :heart_eyes: I now open it like Chris. But it saves time if you can open it directly.