How to refere to a user from a field (probably basic)

So, I’m experimenting rules (super cool!) and I saw that text templating is supported, as in the example that Fibery itself gives: Something happened with {{Name}} on <%= new Date()%>

I understood that {{Name}} will show the name of the entity. Now, I have a task entity and I wanted the message to show the assigned person to that task. In the message that would be: Deadline for {{assigned person}} task is today!

This {{assigned person}} I’m trying to show is actually a Relation field inside the task entity, related to Users. So, is it possible to display the user selected on this relation for the task on the message?

Thank you! =)

You’ll need to reference the name field of the linked relation.
So if you have a relation to (a single) user and the field is called ‘Owner’, you would use

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It’s a bit different if it’s a relation to many users. In this case, you need to decide how to represent the user names. Should it be a list, a table or something else?

See ‘Using collection fields’ here

It didn’t work, actually.

When I run it, it displays [object Array].

This relation is a relation to the User database but only one user is selected from the database list. That’s the case you’re considering, right?


Is it a relation that allows one or many users to be selected?
A screenshot would allow us to confirm.
What is the name of the relation field?

Yes, the relation does allow many users…

The name of the relation field is Responsaveis (portuguese for responsibles):

And this is the rule:


You might need to create a separate formula field first which combines multiple names together. Something like this:

Then use that field in your message.

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Try this
{= Responsaveis:Name =}
you should get a comma separated list of names


This one didn’t worked. Thanks!
I’ve first tried @ChrisG’s solution and it worked! =)

It worked! Ihuuu thanks! =)