How to create a new embedded view in Rich Text?

The docs say “Type << to insert or create a new View inside a document or entity’s rich text field.”

However I cannot figure out how to create a new view this way. I only see options for selecting an existing view.

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The approach I found that works is to Type ‘<<’ then select the type of view I want from the “What” dropdown:


You can then choose the create option:


I have to say I don’t really know where these views are created and what is the best practice in terms of creating these types of inline views (in particular if you should choose a particular space under “Where”). Perhaps @Chr1sG can clarify that.

Hope this is a helpful start.

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@cannibalflea is right. If you type something, you have the choice of creating a view with that name, but you have to select the type of view you want.

A view created in this way ‘belongs’ to the document.
The option to choose a space is only used as a filter to narrow down the choices if you are trying to find an existing view, and has no effect when creating a new one.