March 23, 2023 / CSV Import 2.0, Views nested within Documents, and tons 🤘 of other things

:file_folder: Views nested within Documents

Now you can create local Views that are nested into Documents (and rich text fields). They can be useful for many cases, like:

  • Create some temporary report and not complicate space with temporary views.
  • Create a rich document with dynamic data.
  • You may even now use Documents instead of Folders and describe what is inside in a much better way.

You can create nested Views in two ways so far:

  • via + action in left menu for a Document.
  • via # or /Insert Entity action in a document.

Then you can embed created View via << or /Insert View command if you want to have them inside a document.

:dash: CSV Import 2.0

New CSV Import was re-written from scratch. It is based on Fibery Integration framework and can handle HUGE CSV files up to 50 Mb. New Import is more robust and stable, so data migration into Fibery should be much easier now.

Find it in top left menu → Import → CSV 2.0.

2023-03-23 16.27.32

:nail_care: Create Documents from selected text

Create new Documents from selected text. Select some text, invoke Create Entity command (Cmd + E) and create it. Note that you can create many documents from a list. Just select a list and new document will be created for each list item.

2023-03-23 16.19.28

:beetle: Convert Document into Entity

Now you can convert a Document to any entity (that has at least one rich edit field). Click in a document header and select Convert to… action. Note that original document is not deleted automatically, you may want to delete it manually.

2023-03-23 15.57.55

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Filter search results by View type

Now you can filter search results by View type. For example, if you want to find some Table View, you can do it via the filter in Search faster.

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Create Views from Search

You can create new Views from Search as well. It works in a similar way as for entities, but all Views are created in My Space by default (you can move them to some other Space later via drag and drop).

:butterfly: Improvements

  • Embedded Views: Map View is possible to embed
  • Embedded Views: List and Table Views looks good now when they have not so many rows

:shrimp: Fixed Bugs

  • Reports: Print and Export to PNG doesn’t work for single PieCharts
  • Per-DB Context Views should not be available to embed in rich text
  • Whiteboard: It’s possible to configure locked tree view
  • Graphql: Relations with same names
  • Duplicate whiteboard: doesn’t duplicate content
  • UI: ensure field names are unique per type
  • Alt key is considered stuck in some cases
  • Big paddings in assignees dropdown if current user is not assigned to the entity
  • Bad words wrapping in integration error messages
  • Fix focus issue in the table header
  • System screen zoom settings affect map view visibility
  • New row in table doesn’t get created if finish cell edit via Enter and then press Shift+Enter
  • Unexpected scroll if try to add a link to the end of large text

Very exciting list! :christmas_tree:

After re-loading my browser tab I still do not see this option –

Also, I do not see the option to “Create Views from Search” –

In fact we removed it from experimental and enabled for all already…


Yes yes yes ! Love this it always bugged me to create them one by one. Thank you for shipping this so quickly.


This is so incredibly helpful for users! I’m restructuring the whole space right now.

And this is also awesome; really helpful since we will migrate a lot of customers to Fibery.

This update is awesome! Thursdays are always my best days :rofl:

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@mdubakov if we can share documents with embedded views (read only) with a public link, that can be a huge marketing opportunity.

  • When we go live, I will share what we’ve build with the outside world. If I tell for example on LinkedIn how the build-in lead scoring mechanism works, I can then simply add a link to the document where they can see + read in real time how it works.
  • So instead of creating all kind of screenshots or videos (which will be outdated quite soon because of all the coming changes) they can simply have a sneak peak in the actual workspace without a Fibery account.
  • I’m currently structuring almost the whole space (except for smart folders) in ‘documents with embedded views’ instead of folders. If I’m able to share those (as if it’s a Wiki) then potential customers can click through a demo themselves.

So basically share the pages like Notion offers :slight_smile: Would that be possible in the near future?

And if we can structure smart folders ‘underneath’ a document (like we can now do by combining multiple smart folders in a normal folder), then every folder can be replaced with a document which contains all information the user needs :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


It is definitely in plans to be able to share documents that have embedded views.

Just checking, you are aware of space sharing, right?
So you don’t need to share individual views, one at a time…

Leaving it here, in case any other readers haven’t discovered it.
It’s how we publish our Roadmap, Changelog and User guide:

I knew it was a possibility but thanks for the reminder since it wasn’t on top of mind at all for this specific use case :sweat_smile:! Can be an awesome in between solution :grin:

For demo purposes, it would be great that we can show the workspace exactly as they receive it. So awesome to hear that documents with embedded views can be shared in the future :partying_face:

Oh, and you can already add descriptions to standalone views, so that is a halfway step.

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Yes we use that already and that works great for views! Would be really awesome if we also can add descriptions to ‘empty placeholder spaces’ (we’ve hidden all databases for users so they don’t get a panic attack)


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