December 1, 2022 / 🦄 Insert existing Views into Rich Text, Form View covers

:unicorn: Insert existing Views into Rich Text / Documents (experimental)

This is our first experimental release with the new blocks approach. You can insert existing Views (all kind of Views, from Tables to Reports) into Rich Text fields and Documents. There are endless use cases. You can create dashboards, combine text and tables to explain things better, overview documents with embedded reports, etc.

To insert a View, just invoke / menu in rich text and find Insert View action, the select existing View from the list. Alternatively, you can use {{ shortcut, just type {{ and find the View.

2022-12-01 18.20.03

So far you can’t do much with the View Block, only expand. In future we will allow to change its height and do other things.

Some flow:

:rotating_light: Enable this feature in top left menu → Experimental Features and give us your feedback. We are interested in everything: use cases, bugs, missing things, you name it.

:foggy: Form View covers

Now you can set covers for Form View: color, uploaded image, or Unsplash image. Nice and easy. Here is how it works:


  • Previously you could see only 100 recent notifications in Notification section, now you can see all of them and scroll to the end :skull:. As a side effect, notifications counter got larger, so you can just Mark all as read.

:shrimp: 7 Fixed Bugs

  • There are multiple “Group/Ungroup” menu entries in the popup menu of a group
  • Whiteboard: it has no sense to show Delete option for locked objects
  • Link is default instead of create for one-to-many relations
  • Partly hidden ‘drag’ icon when open rich-text from table
  • Oops error when open some tables
  • Field should collaps/expand only on click on the Icon or Field name, but not on the whole line with the field name
  • Whiteboard: Group/Ungroup options don’t work for locked group of objects

@mdubakov Any luck with Google approving the Calendar integration yet?

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If it’s possible to use the unapproved version, I’d love to test it out. It would be a huge help for my workflow.

I am so excited for ‘Views into Rich Text’. This is a huge upgrade that will streamline a lot of our workspace’s interface by combining relevant views - which means easier navigation! I’m looking forward to adjustable block height.

A lot of our work is done in views under smart folders (active projects with views filtered to that project). Being able to combine those views into template documents that are still filtered per smart folder level would be amazing. Is this on the roadmap for future upgrades to this feature? Either of the following options would work for my team:

  • Type of document/page that acts as a template between smart folder, with the same views on each but filtered to that smart folder level.
  • Template rich text fields within an entity (so I don’t have to add that view to each entity), but filtered to the entity.

This is brilliant. Love it. Only thing to make it more usable right away is making the min height resizable. There’s a ton of extra whitespace for views that only have a few records. For example I’m putting an Objectives view above a timeline to give key context - but there’s a short list of objectives so the objectives view takes up far too much vertical space.


Woohoo! An exciting day. :fire:

I assume that being able to drag these (and other?) blocks around is coming in the future?

This is a great idea!


Embedded views is great news indeed! :tada: :pray:

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