How could I create a board with tasks for only one feature displayed?

I would like to have a board for one feature only. F.ex., my private tasks, which I don’t want to mix up with the project. How could I do this? Have not found filters, or similar.

So far there is no way to hide something inside App from users. For example, if Peter has access to Features, he will see ALL Features. (more granular permissions will be added in future)

It is possible to create a board that will show related content for a single Feature, here is how:

I don’t have “The boad is” in the configuration:

Most likely you are trying to create a board not INSIDE some entity. Take a look on left menu in the video above. In this case board will be visible to all App users and can’t be hidden

In near future we will add private boards in Favorites and filters as well.

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