CHANGELOG: April 6 / Hide empty lanes on Board, Created By field

:shrimp: Improvements

Hide empty columns and rows in Board View and Timeline View

Now you can hide all columns and rows quickly, including No Value rows and columns.

Created By field for all entities

All new Types will have Created By field that will be auto-filled when new entity is created.

:kiss: Fixed Bugs

  • Can’t create single select for User Type
  • Group By options on Timelines should not include rich text Fields
  • Formula: incorrect result of addition when one of the numbers is empty
  • Update user invite flow considering now we have login via password option

Great release Guys! Really appreciate the subtlety of the small “dots” that appear in the close lanes showing the number and type of entities that are contained within! Nice touch!

You can mark this as “Done” now, haha!

how can I make hidden rows or columns visible again?

Go to the Board configuration, and click on the Filter button. A pop up window will show the applied filters and a list of hidden rows (or columns).

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For the time being, I don’t have much need for the ‘Created by’, ‘Creation date’ and ‘Modification date’. Can I request a feature that allows us to hide these fields (across all apps), so that I can free up some screen real estate?


Got you. I suppose, that can be done via API already.
But anyway, ability to hide rarelyused fields is a pretty common request, thanks for the mention!

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Yep, I’d love to see that feature!

Can you show me how to do this? I’ve tried the following:

"command": "fibery.schema/batch",
    "args": {
        "commands": [
                "command": "schema.field/delete",
                "args": {
                    "holder-type": "Testing/Test execution",
                    "name": "fibery/modification-date",
                    "delete-values?": true

but I get an error:

Failed to execute action. Reason: executeSingleCommand: Entity of ‘Testing/Test execution’ type in schema should have ‘fibery/modification-date’ field of ‘fibery/date-time’ type.

It seemed to work when I deleted fibery/created-by but not creation-date or modification-date.