Caching bug with Hide Empty Columns for mirrored Boards

Steps to set up reproduction:

  • Users:
    • Make sure you have at least two Users in your Workspace
  • Entity types:
    • Configure an entity type A with both an Assignees and a Workflow field with more than one State
  • Entities:
    • Create an Entity X of type A, with Assignee of User 1, in State 1 (e.g. TODO)
    • Create an Entity Y of type A with Assignee of User 2, in State 2 (e.g. DONE)
  • Create a Smart Folder over the User entities
    • Make a Board for the User and mirror it across the Users
    • Set the board configuration up like this:
      • Set the Card to entity type A
      • Set the columns to State
      • In Filter, go to the State column and enable the Hide Empty Columns feature


When you click between the instances of the boards, you will see that the visibility of the columns gets pinned/cached based on the first user’s board that you view, and that the columns are not updated when you then look at another user’s board.

If you go back into the board config while looking at a board which has stale/incorrectly filtered columns, if you disable and re-enable the “Hide Empty Columns” feature then it updates the state and renders properly.

Worked example:

  • Entity X is assigned to User 1 has State “TODO”
  • Entity Y assigned to User 2 has State “DONE”
  • On viewing User 1’s board, you will see only one column “TODO”
  • On viewing User 2’s board:
    • The “TODO” column is empty (it should be hidden - Hide Empty Columns is set!)
    • The “DONE” column is hidden (it should be visible as it has entity Y in it!)

I presume this is a caching bug and that the column visibility needs invalidating when switching User (in the example above)?

NB: If you click away to another entity or document first, rather than navigate directly between the boards for the two Users, the problem does not occur.

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