Known Bug? Adding new type to Board breaks it

I am still getting a situation where if I change the Types of Cards in a Board view, when I do that, the entire board resets. So I lose filters, rows, etc. I have had issues with Boards resetting when changes are made in the past, but I was wondering if this particular behavior, when adding a new Type of Card, will break the Board? If so, I’d appreciate if you guys could clarify, as I’ll be aware of the impeding breakage next time I am in a Board that has a lot of configuration and I want to adjust the Types that are visible.


Since the choices for rows/columns, filters etc. are made based on the specific fields for the type being shown, isn’t it to be expected that these will be reset when you change/add type? I mean, you can’t filter on a field that only exists in the original type.
I suppose that if the new type also has fields with the same names (and same datatype) then the settings could be retained, e.g. creation date.

Still we can do better and try to retain all possible selections if they exist.


Great, thank you Michael for that and I’m very glad to hear that you guys think this could be improved.

@Chr1sG in this particular case, I have several Types I am using for Development: Tasks, Bugs, a few other custom ones we created thanks to Fibery’s flexibility. They all follow the same workflow though. So when one of us created a configured Board for just one of the Types and we realized we needed to add in another, Bugs, the entire configuration broke. That included the columns of “state” which happened to be the same in each and every Type in question.

I would add that one of my absolute favorite features of Fibery - and it’s very unique I have not seen it in any other tool and @mdubakov thank you for the insight to create this - is that you can configure Boards to show any of the attributes of any of the Types you are showing. And it’s a nice UI set up because if you look closely when doing this, you can see the colors of the respective Types you are configuring are represented in the attributes that apply to only those types. If there are common fields, like “Creation Date” as you mention, that will pull from all Types. But if you created a similar-named field in each, such as “Priority” in a single-select drop down, that only needs to be checked off once in order for each of the Type that has that field “priority” to show. Really well-thought out!

Thanks again!