Linked tasks and projects, but cannot show task in board

@mdubakov reinstalled our instance, and when I logged in, I see we had wiki and tasks by default.

I added project app, and as the little animated gif shows, I created a relation, tasks m:1 projects. I can see the link in the schema/domain diagram.

However, when I make a new board under a project, I cannot select tasks from configure board, cards. At first I did not have a task so I thought this was a problem but, adding a task to the project did not change this.

@rickcogley Please attach a screenshot of the domain and a screenshot with a board that you try to create. Video would be ideal of course…

Hi - thanks, youtube says the video will be available here once it processes:

Hi @rickcogley, you can use the following free tool for screen-recording issues:

@rickcogley I got it.

So far we restrict Types that are available in View setup with an App. In this case Projects App does not include Tasks, this is just a relation. So there are two options:

  1. Create Context Views for Project as shown below:

  1. Create Tasks board per Project on Tasks App.

Right, that works, thanks!